Biofuels can make Air Travel Cleaner by 70%: NASA

Biofuels can make Air Travel Cleaner by 70%: NASAGlobal air travel pushing our future into environmental disaster because at least 800 million tons of CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. Scientists from NASA have discovered a supposedly workable solution regarding this issue. They teamed up with researchers from Canada & Germany in finding much better solution to handle the problem. Their current discovery claimed that jets using biofuels release up to 70% less pollution and decrease the formation of water condensation trails in their wake, in order to examine if biofuels were more efficient. So, NASA used DC-8 to fly out of Armstrong Flight Center, California and used different types of fuels on every test flight. A triangle of monitoring planes also flew into the wake of DC-8 at distances approximately at 250 meters to gather the exhaust for monitoring.

One of the tested fuels was qualified the requirements and it was a mixture of hydro-processed esters & fatty acids generated from “Camelina” plant oil. These specific tests were took place to examine the estimated amount of climate-causing emissions fell between 50 and 70%. It wasn’t just examined that wheat jet engines burns in contributing for climate change, but about what condensation trails cause. Most of the people are unfamiliar, the obstacles of soot pass out of the engine along with water vapor with estimated high altitude in ice crystals form. The concluded result was a white trail of ice that takes a considerable amount of time to disappear. It was due to the conspiracy theory of nonsensical chem-trails. It unfortunately increases the temperature of the air beneath it by more than 10 degrees Celsius.

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