Autonomous Helicopter Developed to Carry Marine Resupply Mission

Autonomous Helicopter Developed to Carry Marine Resupply MissionDrones have been participating in providing an ease in various fields, including security, surveillance and entertainment. But, its major participation in the modern battlefield has proved its effectiveness and reliability. Now, someone is looking to present a full-size self-governing aircraft. The Aurora Flight Sciences recently presented a successful demonstration of its self-flying setup. The AACUS (Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System) has the ability to fly itself an older helicopter at the requests of soldiers. Armed troops in the battle-field will be able to use this technology in the future. It will be used to order autonomous supply deliveries without complications and just using a tablet. The company demonstrated a live test in front of Navy officials.

The Aurora Flight Sciences installed AACUS on an existing helicopter UH-1H. The helicopter had been outfitted with LiDAR and cameras to view obstacles and to prevent any expected incident. A press release from the company has indicated that earlier demonstrations had proven its capability for autonomous flight. But, the previous tests demonstrated the aircraft simulating cargo utility missions. It efficiently took off autonomously after loading supplies on the aircraft by the soldiers. The current test featured the AACUS enabled UH-1H setup specifically certified by the FAA in the month of October. This technology might be integrated theoretically into other rotary-wing aircraft. The current demonstration has been considered the final stage in its 5-year testing program.

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