Audi Self Driven Car Testing in California

AudiGoogle and Audi received permits to test their self driven vehicles in California

Audi said in the statement that, “permission was issues on the same day when stat pass new legislation related to testify self driven cars on public road.”

Further the company said that” it already test its self driven cars in some states of Europe and US where testing is permitted. But California is important for the company as it is home for the company and its Electronic Research Las (ERL) present here.

Google is also preparing is self driven cars and in the coming five to six years they will be in market. But to fit the cars on California’s standards the test vehicle requires some manual controls. In the recent blog post Google said, “After each vehicle is assembled, we fit a temporary steering wheel and set of controls into it. We’ll remove these manual controls after the prototypes have finished being tested and permitted, because our vehicles are ultimately designed to operate without a human driver.”Nevada, Florida and Michigan have also permitted the testing for elf driven cars on public roads and in 2012 Audi tested its autonomous cars there as well.

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