Amazing Technology Developments in a Week

Amazing Technology Developments in a WeekExperts believe that vehicles of the future will be personal submarines. The Ortega Submersible has currently launched an all-electric submarine. It would allow three divers to operate it in the sea. There is another development; a Swiss pilot has tested the limitations of solar flight by developing a sun-powered airplane to the edge of space. The public transportation is often considered secure and safe, but hackers have broken into Muni system of San Francisco and demanded 70 thousand U.S dollars for its secure release. A fast-charging electric vehicle superhighway in Europe has planned by a team of automakers. It was announced officially that there are a large number of bicycles than cars in Copenhagen. The scientists have discovered a way to turn nuclear waste into diamond batteries and it last forever virtually.

Scientists have discovered a way in making water freeze at boiling temperature. The largest solar plant in the world has developed in India and it has the ability to produce a handsome amount of electricity and it is expected that it would provide electricity for more than 150,000 homes. Four continents would experience energy-generating solar roadways in the next year. The first city in the world in providing water treatment facility with sewage is Aarhaus, Denmark. The new timelapse of Google indicates how much destruction processed with human development in changing the environment of the planet in the past 32 years. A team of scientists has confirmed that catastrophic climate feedback loop is creating greenhouse gases to rise from the ground underneath our feet.

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