Amazing Mirrorless Car Camera Announced by Mitsubishi

Amazing AI Mirror-less Camera Announced by MitsubishiThe mirror-less vehicles have been a topic of the town since the United Nations granted the auto-manufacturers to replace mirrors with intelligent cameras and display systems in 2015. So, the race was started in designing advanced tech in achieving the desired target. Mitsubishi recently announced that a highest-performing vehicle camera has been developed to meet essential requirements. It has the ability to detect objects from the distance of 100 meters. The branded AI of the company is being used in this technology. It allows drivers to receive advanced alert warning of upcoming objects. It would efficiently participate to avoid accidents, especially during the time of lane changing. A visual-cognition mode is available in this system, which represents human visual behavior in focusing the exact object in any offered field of view.

The visual-cognition mode has the ability to categorize between the types of object, such as pedestrians, cars and motorcycles. When we compare it with conventional camera-based system, it can efficiently extend the distance of object detection from 30 meters to 100 meters. It also enhances the object detection perfection from 14 % to 81 %. It is expected that mirror-less vehicles will initially be launched in 2019 in Japan. The auto-manufacturers have driven a move and indicated that AI based camera systems will offer a wider and blind spot-free view to drivers. It would undoubtedly improve the safety of driver and vehicle. So, the termination of bulky mirrors would allow manufacturers in making more aerodynamic, faster and fuel efficient vehicles.

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