Amazing Features of Piggyback Ride Robotic Wheelchair RODEM

Amazing Features of Piggyback Ride Robotic Wheelchair RODEMThere are various types of wheel chairs including most advanced ones and most of them have traditional seats. We can say, these are actually furniture on wheels and often create problems. It might be hard to sit in the chair if you are alone and need to leave your bed, or if you are stuck in a position and can’t move without help to reach some essential things. Now, Tmsuk has been developing “Rodem” based on rescue concept in providing more ease in your daily life routine. The new robotic wheelchair will offer a piggyback ride; it would provide an ease to climb aboard by putting you in a high and forward-mounted position. You will find an ease in your daily life, such as making breakfast, brush your teeth or a perfect position for a face-to-face conversation.

You will be able to control the wheelchair using your smart-phone and you can efficiently call it to your bedside or tuck it out of the way at night. Its range is 9.3-mile, top speed 3.7MPH and estimated recharge time 8-hour will limit where it can go. But, it should be considered too much for a lot of around-the-neighborhood travel. Rodem is currently available in Japan at 8,700 U.S dollars (¥980,000), and it is expected that it will reach in the UK in the first quarter of 2018. It shouldn’t be considered a meaningless expense if you need it. The piggyback approach rules it out for people with limited use of their upper bodies. Most health experts believe that it would make life a lot easier and you don’t need to change much your behavior for its use.

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