Aero-Scope Scanner of DJI Can Track Drones During Flight

Aero-Scope Scanner of DJI Can Track Drones During FlightThe Chinese drone manufacturing company DJI exhibited its new Aero-Scope device. It has the ability to track UAVs within 5-kilometer radius. Currently, it will only be able to monitor the drones of the company. But, it has been considered one of the effective tools for law enforcement agencies in keeping an eye on aerial activity with their specific range. The Aero-Scope tracks drones using the radio transmission between drone and its remote control. It provides the device concerning information such as the location of UAV, its speed, serial number, the location from it took off, and the position of its operator. DJI reclassified questions regarding the Aero-Scope in a series of tweets. The company also confirmed that it doesn’t have the ability to take control of a drone, collect videos or images from it.

A tweet has indicated that reasonably low cost of the system will attract law enforcement agencies because it has the ability to theoretically track every existing drone and it respects the rights of responsible drone operators. The Aero-Scope has been considered an idea down to the method of intercepting data over radio transmission. DJI is welcoming other companies in manufacturing their drones compatible with Aero-Scope for automatically tracking every drone in the sky. DJI has made it clear that the Aero-Scope is being a useful tool and it would also respect the privacy of drone owners. The VP of policy & legal affairs of DJI said that the Aero-Scope is specially designed to meet the specific needs for safety, security and privacy, but it will also respect the rights of people and businesses using drones.

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