More Advanced Features with 400 Miles Luxury EV of Lucid

More Advanced Features with 400 Miles Luxury EV of LucidThe LA auto show event has presented extraordinary innovations. The Lucid has conclusively ragged the cover off for its luxury electric sedan-plus Air at an estimated price 100 thousand U.S dollars. The standard Air comes with a battery of 100 KWH. The major objective for presenting the luxury vehicle is not just at Model S of Tesla, but it is a traditional gas-powered car similar to the 7 Series of BMW and S-Class of Mercedes-Benz. The company will hopefully start its production in the year 2018 at its factory in Arizona. The event has showed the luxury look of car including its battery pack and it has been considered one of the largest advancements in the automotive world.

Its 100 KWH battery is similar to currently using battery of Model S of Tesla, but Lucid has planned to offer another option of 130 KWH batteries. The Lucid and its energy partner Samsung SDI have indicated that this new car has the range of 400 miles per charge. The Air will fill the luxury sports car and each motor has output of 600 horsepower. The “power-train” has been unified with the HVAC & suspension system in the front of vehicle. The similar setup has been added to the rear wheels with a combined transmission, suspension and motor. The CTO Peter Rawlinson said that this car has extra capacity of seating and everything has pushed for more advancement by joining everything together. The car has the ability to move with a zero to 60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds.

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