2018 Nissan Armada with Intelligent Rear View Mirror and LCD Monitor

2018 Nissan Armada with Intelligent Rear View Mirror and LCD MonitorThe Nissan Armada has finalized new standard equipment after spending at least one year for redesign completion. Most probably for 2018, the full-size SUV will have an optional Intelligent Rear View Mirror with a built-in LCD monitor. The Armada has been considered the 1st Nissan vehicle having a new rearview mirror setup. It combines a high-resolution camera to produce an image of the rear surroundings of the vehicle onto the rearview mirror up front. Drivers will be able to switch the projection ON and OFF by just pushing a switch mounted at the bottom of the front rearview mirror. Drivers will be more comfortable by keeping the feature active and they will be able to see what’s happening behind the vehicle without being blocked by objects or tall passengers on the back seat.

It will also decrease dirty look and offer improved visibility in low-light conditions as compared to any traditional rearview mirror without LCD monitor. The price of 2018 Nissan Armada will be presented with an increase of 700 U.S dollars its last year’s price and it will be available at 46,795 U.S dollars. The entire fleet of Armada now has a standard with 8-inch multi-touch display, HD Radio, Nissan-Connect Services powered by SiriusXM, hands-free text messaging assistant, SiriusXM Travel Link with 3 years of trial access, additional USB ports, and advanced voice recognition. The Armada Platinum is now at the top of the company’s lineup and comes with the Intelligent Rear View Mirror. The start price is expected at 59,885 U.S dollars and it is 1,100 more to its 2017 version.

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