Yahoo to Acquire Mobile Ad Platform Flurry

yahooYahoo insiders believe that the company is facing low earning from its various departments, especially in advertising front. That’s why Yahoo decided to buy Flurry, a mobile analytics firm to settle the advertisement low earning issue. The furry is especially known for its mobile analytics advertisement since 2005. The Flurry has thousands of customers all over the world for mobile analytics allowing app makers to display personal ads. The company has 170,000 developers as its regular users it is accessed from 1.4 billion devices in a month.

Yahoo hired a high profile mobile team headed by Marissa Mayer, the former Google executive and in charge in Yahoo since 2012. The team is appointed to review the most popular yahoo mobile applications like Yahoo Mail, Weather and Yahoo Finance. The team is working on to bring advancements in the apps and trying to make it more user friendly ever than before. The team is aimed to introduce a new Yahoo product with the name of Yahoo News Digest in the near future. Yahoo is taking radical steps to increase its mobile earning after disappointing end of the last two quarters in the mobile marketing industry.

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