Windows Defender Extensions for Chrome and Firefox from Microsoft

Windows Defender Extensions for Chrome and Firefox from MicrosoftSources have indicated that Microsoft has developed and started testing Windows Defender Application Guard extensions for both Chrome and Firefox in order to better protect enterprise PCs. The feature was used to be an Edge exclusive. It will keep PCs safe with opening web pages not included in administrators’ trusted sites in a virtual container. In this way, it will be able to stop attackers from gaining entry into the company’s system after turning out the website to be malicious.

Moreover, the extensions can be downloaded from the browsers’ respective stores. The Windows Defender for Chrome and Firefox won’t work without help from Edge. It will open the website in an isolated Edge session if it recognizes that the URL is not in the trusted list. So, any link clicked in the isolated session will still launch in the original browser if it’s a trusted website.

Both the Windows Defender companion application from the Microsoft Store and the browser-specific extension must be installed to use the feature. Only Insiders can access it at the moment, though it will eventually have a wide release once it’s been tested more thoroughly.

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