Windows 7 users will not get Microsoft Support after 14 January 2020

Windows 7 users will not get Microsoft Support after 14 January 2020 Microsoft Windows 7 was released on 22 October 2009. The company has fulfilled its promise and provided 10 years of product support for Windows 7. Now, the tech giant has ended and stopped Windows 7 support. 14 January 2020 was announced to end of support for Windows 7. Now, you will not get software updates and technical assistance from Windows Update in order to protect your PC. Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 to prevent a situation because you often need service or support, but it is no more available. So, PCs running Windows 7 no longer receive security updates.

You should upgrade your PC to a modern operating system, like Windows 10. It offers the latest security updates to keep your data safe. You will not get Windows 7 technical support from Microsoft customer service. Some other services for Windows 7 will also stop working overtime. It is noteworthy that some specific games, including Internet Checkers, Internet Backgammon, and Electronic Program Guide for Windows Media Center are scheduled to stop in January 2020. Microsoft has recommended shifting to a new device with Windows 10 for most Windows 7 users. PCs are now faster, powerful, lightweight, and more secure with an average price.

Users can get benefits from the latest hardware capabilities after moving to a new PC with Windows 10. It is noteworthy that compatible Windows 7 PCs can be upgraded by purchasing and installing a full version of the software because Windows 10 free upgrade offer ended on July 29, 2016. Your PC will still work if you continue using Windows 7 after ending support. But, it will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Your PC will continue to start and run, but will not receive software updates, including security updates from Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials will continue just receiving signature updates after January 14, 2020. Windows for embedded PC devices such as ATMs or gas pumps have lifecycle dates that sometimes differ from versions of Windows.

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