Windows 10 users will get more Control with Fall Creator Update

Windows 10 users will get more Control with Fall Creator UpdateMicrosoft knows very well that there are concerns regarding privacy of Windows 10, so the company is trying to solve some of them in its Fall Creators Update. The software giant has announced that Windows 10 users will be able to get a handsome control over what apps are allowed to do with your device. Users previously had control just over location sharing. Now, the Fall Creators Update will ask user to get permission prior to accessing all types of possibly sensitive software and hardware feature features. For example, if user has a video recording app, then it will also ask about using user’s microphone and camera or it will check prior to offer access to user’s contacts and calendar.

Users will only be able to get these prompts for apps installed after moving to the Fall Creators Update. Users should need to check privacy settings to review permissions for apps that user already have. It would be a major boost to security levels for Windows security. Much as on mobile phones, where perfect permissions are already fairly commonplace, you shouldn’t have to worry as much regarding cruel apps hijacking the camera or spamming your contacts. Microsoft is counting solely on this to enhance privacy and overall security. You now have much easier access to privacy info during the initial setup process. Windows 10 Mobile users are getting 2-factor authentication that can require more than just a PIN code to unlock a phone, such as an NFC tag.

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