You will be able to Mute Auto-Playing Sound in Chrome very soon: Google

You will be able to Mute Auto-Playing Sound in Chrome very soon: GoogleMost users feel disturbance with auto-playing sound on webpage, but Google is now looking for an efficient solution to resolve the issue. The search giant is working on a way to permanently mute sites that play sound by domain in Chrome and it will be done by François Beaufort of Google. Users will experimentally use the page information button within Chrome in a finalized version to toggle if they want sound to play from the domain. Currently, Chrome is offering some basic sound control options. Users are able to select to mute specific tabs by right-clicking the tabs. These mutes revert back to normal once you close out of those web pages. Currently, there is a broader muting feature and users can find it in Chrome Canary. It is the experimental version of Google in the Chrome browser for work-shopping new and in-development features.

Users will just need to toggle the enable-features (SoundContentSetting switch) in order to run the feature. But, there isn’t any guarantee that it will make its way to the main version of Chrome in the most in-development features. It is considering broader trends against intrusive advertising by tech companies. It is likely the feature or a similar one will reach Chrome users soon. Google had announced earlier this year that the company will start to integrate ad blocking features directly into Chrome and it will started in 2018. Chrome will use standards established by industry group the Coalition for Better Ads as part of its new guidelines in order to determine which ads would be disabled by default. Apple also confirmed that Safari will start blocking such websites from automatically playing audio or video without approval of a user.

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