Why WhatsApp Went Down Worldwide for Few Hours?

Why WhatsApp Went Down Worldwide for Few Hours?The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp owned by Facebook is currently unreachable for most people around the world. A spokesperson from WhatsApp informed that users should sit tight because WhatsApp is well aware of the recent issue and working on it, and it will be resolved very soon. WhatsApp has been considered a popular service, so Facebook has purchased the service and its entire 450 million registered users in 19 billion U.S dollars in 2014 & in the month of February 2016. WhatsApp had bloated to over 1 billion users per month. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has declared the Status of WhatsApp and its operation is much similar to Instagram Stories.

Point to be noted that Instagram has at least 175 million worldwide users as compared to Snapchat and the company had reported 161 million user registrations. It shouldn’t be considered just a bad news from tech industry because Google has planned to shut down a heavy and fairly and high-level phishing scam that scattered fake Google Docs links in a bid for the account information of users. Now, WhatsApp is back, said by a spokesperson of the company at 8pm ET in a statement that “Earlier today, entire users of WhatsApp from different parts in the world claimed for not having access to WhatsApp for a few hours. He further indicated that company is well aware about the issue and we have now fixed the problem, and apologize for any inconvenience”.

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