WhatsApp Users can be affected with Fake News and Information

WhatsApp Users can be affected with Fake News and InformationResearchers from Check Point and security experts have warned about WhatsApp messages. They said the messages can be changed without the user’s knowledge because of a flaw in the systems of the messaging app. Researchers announced that vulnerabilities in WhatsApp could allow hackers to gain access to a user’s conversations and changer their entire content. The flaw, published at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, could affect both private and public chats. It potentially leads to the spread of false information or fake news by what was thought to be trusted sources. Check Point also indicated that it found 3 different potential ways to change WhatsApp conversations.

All of which can be exploited using a particular tool that affects the app’s quoting feature. The first flaw defines the changing of how a message’s sender is identified. It allows hackers to mis-attribute a message with the second allowing 3rd parties to change the text of a user’s reply. They also uncovered a flaw that allows a user to send a private message to another group participant disguised as a public message to all. It means that when the targeted individual responded, their reply was visible to everyone in the conversation.

Check Point says this 3rd flaw has now been addressed and it is working with WhatsApp to tackle the others. WhatsApp hasn’t yet made any comment on the news, but the company has faced criticism recently for failing to halt the spread of fake news on its service. It is noteworthy that the app has more than 1.5 billion users around the world. It points out that it has a massive possible customer base that could be affected by the flaws. Experts believe it will be resolved and protected due to the social giant Facebook is the owner and managing the app and its security features.

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