Whatsapp removing its feature Delete for All

Whatsapp delete for all featureIt is reported that Whatsapp seems to change its ‘delete for all’ feature again. Whatsapp Company is introducing a new feature for Android After which users will be able to download media files again that they may have accidentally deleted. The instant messenger who is owned by Facebook is now going to keep its deleted files on its servers which will help a user to again download those files which they have deleted previously. Previously, Whatsapp Messenger used to delete files from its servers which were accidentally deleted by users.

After 30 days the downloadable media on Whatsapp was deleted, whereas downloaded media was deleted instantly after download. After the modified change in Whatsapp messenger, when media is downloaded successfully, Whatsapp doesn’t delete the files from its server, which will help the user to download the file again which was deleted mistakenly. When Whatsapp Beta was testing this feature it discovered that for the time period of two months they are able to restore the deleted media. They also find out that despite the fact files are saved on the server they still come with end-to-end encryption. This feature will be very useful for all those users who often accidentally delete their files.

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