The US Roads will now see Smaller Mitsubishi Electric Delivery Trucks

The US Roads will now see Smaller Mitsubishi Electric Delivery TrucksTesla has been irritating the release with its test rides of electric big vehicles for the next month. Various other auto industry companies such as Mercedes and Cummins have clearly announced to present their own initiatives for EV truck. Daimler has currently announced that the company is bringing its smaller Mitsubishi Fuso e-Canter trucks in the United States and starting from New York City. UPS will get a trio of the trucks and 4 non-profits will split 8 other vehicles. But, Daimler hasn’t yet planned for a big rollout. The company is now seeking its total sales for the e-Canter at 500 vehicles within the first 2 years of production as it waits for the enhancement of battery technology.

 But, the partnership of company with “StoreDot” will experience to see fast charging technology of the Israeli company integrated with smaller truck of Mitsubishi. The e-Canter is now only able to get about 62 miles on a single full-charge. The smaller vehicle and its 10 thousand pound load limit really meant for deliveries within cities. Larger Class 7 electric trucks are also coming, and the Asia Chief of Daimler Trucks informed Reuters that the company will show off another larger model in the month of December 2017. The other auto manufacturers might have hijacked a bit of Tesla’s thunder by early announcement. He added that we will see a real comparison once all the trucks have been completed. For example, the models of Cummins just have a range of 100 miles and it is half or a third as compared with Tesla’s 200-300 mile limit.

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