The Ubuntu Linux Distro added to the Windows Store by Microsoft

The Ubuntu Linux Distro added to the Windows Store by MicrosoftMicrosoft has made very easy to run Linux on Windows 10 systems by adding Ubuntu distro of Canonical in the Windows Store. The announcement by Microsoft has indicated that currently the Ubuntu distro can be used just by Windows Insider testers with the version of Windows 10 build at 16215 or higher. Whereas, distribution from the Windows Store serve as a imaginably easier way in getting Linux distros for the end users. Ultimately, store distribution will allow them to run a couple of Linux distros together at the same time on Windows 10. These capabilities were announced by Microsoft during its “May Build” event for developers. A senior program manager at Microsoft, Rich Turner said in a blog post that the company also indicated that the company had worked to add Fedora and SUSE Linux distros to the Windows Store.

Turner also explained that Subsystem Windows for Linux normally allows Linux to run on Windows 10 because it is “distro-agnostic”, so different distros will have the capability to run without any conflict. Point to be noted that users of Windows 10 already have the capability to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. It is enabled by the Subsystem Windows for Linux. It allows using the Bash command-line shell. Moreover, the currently installed items might become “legacy” installations. Microsoft is adding its struggles into the Windows Store on its delivered versions. Adding them in the Windows Store will provide benefit of reliable and faster downloads. Turner also said that Fedora and SUSE Linux distros to the Windows Store is about to complete.

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