To-Do App for Mac announced from Microsoft

To-Do App for Mac announced from MicrosoftMicrosoft has announced To-Do for Mac and provided Apple users access to the task management tool on their desktops. The released Mac app will enable users to work offline and view their upcoming tasks under “My Day”. They will be able to share to-do lists with friends and colleagues and see flagged emails. The app isn’t yet entirely integrated with Microsoft Planner, but you will find it soon. People already using Microsoft To-Do on iOS, Android, Windows or the web, will be able to sign-in to your account and access your tasks right on the Mac app.

It is noteworthy that a Mac option for Microsoft To-Do will be attractive and useful for any former devotees of Wunderlist. The Microsoft purchased it in 2017, but discontinued in order to replace it with its own productivity tool. Some people experienced that the early version of Microsoft To-Do lacking, later updates added subtasks and list-sharing. To-Do also syncs with Outlook, an added perk for anyone who relies on the email app for work. People can now download To-Do for Mac from the Mac App Store today.

After finalizing the download, open the Mac app. Press ⌘2 and To-Do will move into the minimized view so that all you see is the list view. Keep it on My Day to always have your tasks for the day on view. You can work on that budget in Excel or that essay in Word while checking off each step you complete with To-Do on the side of the screen. Turn the sound up loud due to of course that oh-so-satisfying ding is also in our Mac app. If you need to go back to see your entire lists, ⌘1 will get you there. It you need to edit a task, you don’t want to go into the detail view to do edit task in the Mac app.

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