Tesla Traffic Navigation based Software

Tesla traffic navigation softwareIn our world, most people use Google Maps and similar navigation apps so that they are able to get acknowledged about traffic and make their traffic-free route. In future, the owners of Tesla would be able to get their mobile phones stashed in the time of travel because Tesla is going to add a new feature which will contain integrated navigation software in their vehicles. Teslarati reported that the latest Tesla firmware update (8.1, 2018.14) is going to add traffic-based navigation. This feature will follow the same mechanisms that are followed by other navigation apps through which will monitor traffic and will create the route accordingly. If the traffic changes this feature, it can also tell the driver direct way in time.

The traffic route and data will be collected by Tesla vehicles using current position on the road. It will work similar to Google map works and the data will be acquired by owners vehicle. In Tesla, this feature will work by measuring the participation of other vehicles on the road and same route, and it may also share the data with other Tesla partners in order to provide services. This feature will not share personal data and the owner can turn off this feature any time. With this software update in Tesla, it will be a big step in order to avoid traffic jam issues.

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