Some Android, iOS, and Windows Phones will not get WhatsApp support after 31st December 2019

Some Android, iOS, and Windows Phones will not get WhatsApp support after 31st December 2019Most of us know WhatsApp runs on a variety of operating systems. Now the worldwide messaging app doesn’t think it’s worth supporting Windows Phone anymore. The company has recently announced about terminating support for older Android and iOS versions including the rarely-used Windows Phone OS. WhatsApp has now confirmed on its website that the app will now only support selected devices running Android OS 4.0.3+, iPhone iOS 9+, JioPhone, JioPhone 2, and specific phones running KaiOS 2.5.1+.

Once you have one of these devices, simply install WhatsApp and verify your phone number. Keep in mind that WhatsApp can only be activated with one phone number on one device at a time. You will not find any option to transfer your chat history between platforms. But, the company offers the option to export your chat history as an email attachment. Point to be noted that export chat isn’t supported in Germany. The company also said some older operating systems will also continue to receive support for a limited time.

WhatsApp will no longer be supported on the Windows Phone operating system from December 31st, 2019. But, the app will continue to work on devices running Android 2.3.7 and older, and iOS 8 and older until February 1st, 2020. Moreover, WhatsApp also warned that the features of the app may stop working at any time after this specific time period. It is noteworthy that the creation of new accounts and the re-verification of existing accounts have already been blocked on these older operating systems. You are still able to use WhatsApp on iOS 8 and older versions, and Android 2.3.7 and older versions until 1st February 2020.

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