Software Updates Mishaps in iOS11

Software Updates Mishaps in iOS11As we all know that iPhone 8s was released on September 22, 2017 and the new software of iPhone iOS11 was released on 19 September 2017. After the latest release of iOS11.2, 11.3, it has reported that this software is screwing the functionality of iPhone 8s. It was also reported that a number of iPhone which were repaired by third party have stopped working and their touch system has stopped responding after this latest update of iOS11.3. After this main issue, people are suggested to stop repairing their handsets by third party. This problem was also faced by iPhone 7 users last year due to new software update and this problem was fixed by a week. But, this time this problem doesn’t have a speedy solution yet. Earlier, Apple also faced the ‘Error53’ when its touch ID button stopped working after getting repaired by unauthorized repairing party due to which Apple was also taken to court in 2017.

After the new upgrade of iOS11.3 software and its clauses, many users are disappointed and it seems like that the company is doing it by self so the users should stop repairing their handsets by 3rd party. It can be said that may be the microchip that’s powers the whole phone is mainly creating a problem. This problem can be fixed by repairing our handsets from authorized repairers and expertise. Beside this issue there are wide ranging issues in which there is a steady theme developing; slow performance and heavily degraded battery life these problems are also faced by iOS11, iOS11.0.1 and iOS11.2 users. iPhone users also claimed that returning to iOS10.3.3 has solved their issues. After facing all this issue in new upgraded iOS11 version, all users can do is to wait and watch what Apple do to fix and settle these issues with the new upgrade.

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