Skype to go with New Exciting Features on Windows Phone

SkypeAfter the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Microsoft is continually enhancing the features of its apps like OneDrive and Skype etc. the aim of the company is to make these apps compatible with newly launched iPhone 6. An exciting feature is added to the  functionalities of Skype to go with windows phone. This feature let the user to add drawing with its chat room that add interest and make the conversation more productive that make sense.

The Skype is launched with HD screen support in its new updated version on Windows Phone. The Sype is now more compatible and faster with the Windows Phone 8.1. by using the WP device, a user can sign in automatically having Microsoft account. Users can also signing Skype by without Microsoft account through their native Skype account according to Skype officials. The Skype is also looking for better security measures after observing leakage of user data from Apple Cloud and Facebook. Recently news showed that Facebook data is hacked by hackers to reveal through different hacker websites. Facebook security official announced that they are keeping close eye on this kind of activities from hackers and launching a system to permanently avoid it in future.

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