Samsung will present a Bezel-Free TV at CES 2020 on 6th January

Samsung will present a Bezel-Free TV at CES 2020Samsung is making a perfect move on its bezel-free TV promise. The Elec sources have indicated that the company has planned to present a bezel-free TV at CES 2020 in early January. Its mass production is expected to start in February. But, you might not have to wait until CES to see Samsung’s bezel-free TV because a German website 4KFilme has reportedly posted the first pictures of the 8K set, and called the Q900T or Q950T. The design is expected to be limited to 65-inch or larger screens, but the final details are still unavailable. The design reportedly welds the display and main body more closely to eliminate the usual borders on sets 65 inches and larger.

It clearly indicates the termination of borders and supposedly really doesn’t have a bezel. The company hasn’t yet confirmed anything and everything is assumed as rumors. Moreover, there are some reasons to believe this might be more than just speculation. The company trademarked the “Zero Bezel” brand name earlier in the year, on the top of Samsung’s earlier work. There is no guarantee that you’ll see something at CES. The trade show is often Samsung’s preferred venue for TV introductions.

It is noteworthy that any supposed bezel-free TV will be more expensive. Samsung has developed the necessary chip with 8K in mind. It is the combination of an exotic design with a large panel and it could make even ordinary 8K TVs seem like bargains. You might be paying as much for bragging rights as you are for the underlying technology, much like other flagship TVs of the past years. Samsung has also posted a vague teaser for its CES event on January 6th with an empty shape and The Age of Experience. You will find out in Las Vegas, whether or not that age is bezel-free.

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