Samsung Galaxy Alpha Images Leaked

glxy newSamsung is busy in its new smart phone design Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The launch is in the news still and we have not seen any official statement from any representative of the Samsung when the phone is being launched in the market. We can say that Samsung Galaxy Alpha is one of the big rumors of 2014. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an unannounced phone and has so little information leaked yet. The image attached to the mail is the just information that we could get for this Smart phone.

It is also said that Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the refined form of Galaxy S5 with different body material. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is also known as Galaxy S5 Prime and Galaxy F. Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be in the market with aluminum and the other premium component instead of polycarbonate and cheaper plastic. If we take a glance on the image leaked of the phone Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it looks like Samsung Galaxy S5 in the first glance. Therefore insiders believe that Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be the copy of Samsung Galaxy S5 and difference will be only the material. Some people believe that it will fill the gap between Galaxy S4 and 5.

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