Researchers have Developed an App to Detect Pancreatic Cancer using your Eye

Researchers have Developed an App to Detect Pancreatic Cancer using your EyeA study has indicated that pancreatic cancer has been considered more dangerous due to only 9% of the patients survived during last 5 years. One of the major contributors for this rate is that patients with pancreatic cancer start showing indication when the disease reach its advance level. Now, the researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a very simple and amazingly perfect way to test cancer and people will be able to administer themselves. An app has developed by the team called “BiliScreen” and it can be used with a smart-phone camera. This app uses computer vision algorithms to analyze the level of chemical bilirubin in the whites of an eye. A bilirubin level begins to increase with pancreatic cancer and ultimately it turns a white eye into yellow and it is also much similar case in hepatitis.

When the yellow eye becomes noticeable, the cancer might be in its development. BiliScreen has the ability to detect very low level of bilirubin and offer an assessment of levels in finding the possibility of potential disease. It has been considered a simpler and cheaper way than blood test. It can be done prior to any disease start to show in the beginning stage. Point to be noted that a researcher of the project, Jim Taylor said that pancreatic cancer is a deadly disease without any screening available since yet. He added that our major objective is to discover more people having pancreatic cancer unfortunately and we need to provide them a significant amount of time to have surgery. It would provide them a much better chance of survival.

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