Protect Your Online Privacy using these Best Browser Extensions

Protect Your Online Privacy using these Best Browser ExtensionsMost people believe the Internet isn’t a private place because your information is being sold to the highest bidder. Some of the biggest internet snoops follow you from site to site during browsing the Internet. There are various browser extensions but we have found some of the best extensions, which could immediately enhance your online privacy after blocking most of the invisible ads and trackers. Point to be noted that these extensions won’t block every kind of snooping, but they will vastly decrease your exposure to most of the efforts to track your internet activity. Websites can’t collect as much information about you by blocking these hidden trackers from loading. You can toggle the extensions ON and OFF as needed. Some of the best extensions are HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, ClearURLs, uBlock Origin, and PixelBlock.

HTTPS Everywhere extension is a little green lock in our browser to tell us a website was loaded over an HTTPS-encrypted connection. It means the websites you open haven’t been hijacked or modified by an attacker before it loaded and anything you submit to the website can’t be seen by anyone other than the website. HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension made by the non-profit internet group the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The extension is supported by most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Privacy Badger extension was developed by the EFF. It is one of the best all-in-one extensions for blocking invisible third-party trackers on websites. The extension looks at all the components of a web page. It learns which ones track you from website to website and then blocks them from loading in the browser.

ClearURLs extension sits in your browser and silently removes the tracking junk from every link in your browser and your inbox. It is noteworthy that Ads often collect your personal information and try to learn as much about you by watching browsing activity. These Ad blockers stop them in their tracks by blocking ads from loading and the tracking code that comes with it. The uBlock Origin extension is lightweight and simple but most effective. It is a widely trusted ad blocker used by millions of people, but it also has a ton of granularity and customizability for more advanced users. PixelBlock is a simple extension for Chrome browsers. It simply blocks hidden email to open trackers from loading and working. Every time it detects a tracker and displays a small red eye in your inbox so you know. It is important that there are various ad blockers using a similar name but that isn’t as trusted.

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