Now U.S-Based Testers can download Maps Go Beta from Google Play

Now U.S-Based Testers can download Maps Go Beta from Google PlayPeople in the United States can now get the Elite version of Google Maps for testing point of view. So, Google has offered the beta version of Maps Go to beta testers in the U.S. It will provide a way in looking direction or transit information whether you have an efficient or poor connection. In the month of December 2017, Google launched its Android Oreo Go, but Maps Go wasn’t available until mid last month. It is important that Maps Go found compatible with a few devices, but most Oreo Go compatible. Its availability was also bound to just few locations. The Android Police first acknowledged the rollout and efficiently installed it on regular non-Go Android phones.

It has been confirmed that people in the United States are now able to install it directly from Google Play despite you have a flagship device. The Oreo Go has been considered an essential elements version designed by Android in order to run on low-end devices having small amount of storage and memory. Google has developed a suite of Go apps including Maps Go. The apps within suite are at least 50% smaller as compared to the full-featured equivalents to go with the platform. Point to be noted that Maps Go has small amount of features as compared to the full Maps app. It still has the ability to help you in finding destination. Now, you can easily download it (within the U.S) from Google Play and be a part of its beta testing program.

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