Now “Badland” Has More Perfect Sequel for iOS

BADLANDThe Badland is considered as one of the major gaming winners ever hitting the App Store. The unique and attractive graphic style, interesting game play and high level of interest to all strengthened concept that iOS is considered a best platform for excellent and extraordinary games. After more than two years it is making its debut. Now Badland 2 has introduced for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game would be more familiar to millions of people who have played the original games. There is a new game-play feature included, you can now guide your right and left as an alternative of always to go in a single direction.

The game auto-scrolls and there is much more for you for exploration. In order to move back and forth, it adds a new measurement in its design level. Rest of the other features considered the original mechanisms and your circulating avatar can shrink, multiple and grow but it depends on the condition. The frog-mind developers have promised to provide new environmental challenges including frost, liquid and flamethrowers. Most of the games are available to play for free and the cost of this game 4.99 feels expensive, but it is better that it will be charged for once when you purchase it. It will unlock a host of levels instead of prompting to drop extra money. Once you have completed the main game then you should expect for more exciting challenges after passing time in the future.

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