Nintendo Switch owners can get YouTube services Today

YouTube on Nintendo SwitchYouTube will be launched today on the Nintendo Switch. It has been considered the 2nd major video app to be released on the console because the Switch remarkably marked shelves in March 2017. Users can download YouTube from the Nintendo eShop, for free. The app offers access to the endless selection of videos of the platform. YouTube has pointed out that the Switch version has the ability to support 360 videos. Users can control YouTube with the left joystick and main buttons of the Switch. The touch-screen somewhat works in handheld mode. It would make searching videos and tap into them simpler.

It partially works due to the inability to swipe up and down to navigate around the app. The right “JoyCon” joystick only works for panning around 360-degree videos, so it can’t be used to navigate around the app. Switch owners will be able to sign into YouTube with their Google account for recommendations, personal video library, and to get their subscriptions. Users will find the option to stream their Movies Anywhere library. Their titles will be visible under purchases on YouTube. The display of the Switch is perfect for extended movie viewing in portable mode.

But there is a great chance to have when the console is docked. After the launch from Hulu and YouTube, people are asking a question that where are Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The list of non-game content on Switch is amazingly thin. You’ve got the two free video apps but Korg’s $48 “music production” app is considered a fun toy as compared to the creation tool. The 2nd player’s arrival will motivate other companies to bring their most popular services to Switch.

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