New Version 53 of Google Chrome is Battery-Friendly than its Previous Versions

New Version 53 of Google Chrome is Battery-Friendly than its Previous VersionsMicrosoft claimed that battery life of Chrome is horrifying, but Google rejected this claim. The giant search has posted a video indicating about the improvement of Chrome’s battery life in the new version 53 compared to the previous version 46. This video confirmed that Google has an advantage over the testing of Microsoft. The result was showing the latest version of Chrome browser efficiently running on Surface Books, like in the clip of Microsoft. The newer browser is now providing more than 2 hours of additional runtime during streaming non-stop video footage. It ended handsomely 10 hours and more than 30 minutes and it is enough to go through your loving movie sequence.

You will not accept the results at face value same as with the Microsoft. It shouldn’t be considered a comparison between apples-to-banana because Microsoft and Google are using different video services. The Microsoft is specifically considering on web surfing power usage, but it wasn’t described here. Both big giants selected tests in order to present the strength of their browser, but our experience in real-life encircle to generate different results for both these cases. There is just one specific judgment that latest version of Chrome has been considered more battery-friendly than its previous versions used a couple of months ago. It might be more powerful Chrome if you were tired by its previous demands for energy consumption, but we are not sure that it would change minds of most of the people using old version of Chrome.

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