New Update in Google Maps software announced

Google Maps with new featureGoogle Maps is available on desktop, Android and iOS platforms. It is a navigation tool of a firm Mountain View. However, the regular update of the software ensures its consistent advanced functionality. Google has recently announced that the company was looking to present a new feature. This new feature will allow users of the navigation service to message other businesses.

The application will then open a traditional chat view where users can ask questions to the outlet in question. Google explained and said: “Last year we enabled users in select countries to message businesses from the Business Profiles on Google. Sending messages to businesses gives you the opportunity to ask questions without having to make a phone call so that you can order a cake for your mom’s birthday while on the bus or find out if a shoe store has your size without having to wait on hold”. But now Google Maps is receiving another new upgrade that will obviously make a major difference for the app fans.

Google is now granting users to add ‘hashtags’ into reviews on Maps. TechCrunch reported that the American tech behemoth confirmed the existence of the feature and stated it is currently only available for Android platforms. It means, if a user is reviewing a restaurant, they can add hashtags saying “vegetarian” or “family friendly”, to provide details that may not instantly accessible otherwise. Google emphasized users should use at least 5 hashtags at the end of each review.

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