New Update for Google Chrome on its 10th Anniversary

Google update on its 10th anniversaryGoogle Chrome is not with us for decades because the free web browser has celebrated its 10th anniversary on 2nd September 2018. The tech giant has announced a charming new update to reflect its newly discovered capability. Point to be noted that Google normally updates Chrome after every 6-weeks. But, this one has been considered significantly special with an entirely new and refreshing look for the browser. It includes a fresh color palette, rounded shapes, and new attractive icons. The new update has a flat design that moves away with gradients and shadows. It gives Chrome a cleaner streamlined appearance in making navigation easier and quicker. New tabs have a rounded shape and an upgraded search bar to show answers to your queries in the search bar.

It indicates that Chrome users will be able to get much quicker answers without opening a new tab. Users will also be able to search for tabs within the search bar. It is friendlier when users work with a number of tabs open at the same time. Users can now set their favorite sites on the New Tab page, set a background image according to their choice. Google also said that people will soon be able to search through their Google Drive files and folders using the search bar. But, the most interesting update is the one it’s made to its Dino Runner game. If you’ve ever had a bad connection you may be familiar with the pixelated T-Rex. It launches into a side-scrolling game if you hit the spacebar. The game has been refreshed with birthday cakes and balloons on the 10th year celebration of Google Chrome.

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