New Student App to Judge Mental Health to Notice Impact on Grades

Student AppNow your metal health can be measured by the new app introduced by Dartmouth. The app will tell you when you are depressed and even tell you the level of depression. The app is designed for students to improve their grades in their respective field by knowing their mental health. The app calculate the data from student behavior to know his or her mental health. The app measure the behavior, their sleeping time, conversation, social activities and eating habits to produce the results.

The researchers found a direct relationship between mental health and academic performance of a student. The data collected from these both categories helped researchers to develop this app. The researchers believe the students with massive social activities get better grades in the examination than whose who live alone and do not like to meet other and avoid social activities. The CGPA of such students was recorded poor than the other. The app will be helpful for such students because the app will tell them about their stress level to make the things better and also to plan a better future life. The research team admits that there are some issues related to the security of the app data that will be resolved in the future so that it become secured and effective ever than before.

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