New RCS messaging is an alternative of iMessage and WhatsApp

New RCS messaging is an alternative of iMessage and WhatsAppThe Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a major update to SMS messaging since iMessage and WhatsApp. Currently, Android users in the United States are able to get benefits. The director of Android’s messaging; Sanaz Ahari also confirmed the news on Friday. Ahari said users in the U.S can now update their devices with the new features. It is important that RCS is arriving without one critical feature and could be a major issue for users. RCS is being driven by Google in response to Apple’s iMessage and by mobile carriers who have lost SMS traffic to over-the-top messaging platforms, mainly WhatsApp.

The new RCS messaging service offers universal SMS with the richness of an internet-based messaging platform. RCS will deliver longer messages, read receipts, videos, e-ticketing, commerce and payments, and, all with the cross-device flexibility of SMS. One of the major benefits of iMessage and WhatsApp is security. Both platforms are end-to-end encrypted. It means the messages are locked between the sender and the receiver. The network (the man in the middle) doesn’t hold the keys and so can’t read or monitor message content. It has been considered a major issue for RCS. It has become such a compelling feature of other messaging platforms that it will be seen as a missed opportunity missed and a disadvantage.

The issue will prevent a number of users from shifting away from WhatsApp. It is a serious issue and cyber-security researchers at SR-Labs Germany also warned that RCS leaves users exposed, because RCS deployments aren’t effectively protected in various networks. It would allow hackers to entirely take over user accounts. The news was also confirmed by Google Communications Suite Lead, Sanaz Ahari on Twitter. You need to update both the default Google Messages app for Android and Carrier Services on your phone to get the functionality. It is noteworthy that RCS is already working effectively in the UK and France. RCS is developed by mobile hardware companies instead of Google. The search giant is working hard to make it the default on Android phones.

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