New Open Source Code for Chrome from Google

code for Chrome on iOSThrough the Chromium project, the Chrome browser of Google has been considered an open source from the get-go, but not on iOS. Apple has demanded that most browsers use Web-Kit rather than using their own manifest engines. So, Google doesn’t have the ability to use just its traditional code base engine. Now, Google has announced to add the iOS Chrome code into Chromium. It is for those developers who need to build on the iOS app or just pushing around in finding security issues. It would provide an ease in discovering what makes it efficient.

Most of the tech experts believe that the new adding from Google will also boost up the development process of Chrome for iOS. So, the entire usual Chromium tests of the Search Giant will now apply to the iOS code. It would provide an ease in the implementation of cross-platform features. You must not be a programmer in getting benefits from the open source move of Google. The Company has promised to launch more frequent updates. It would provide more help to the iOS browser in matching more closely for its Android equivalent.

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