New Google Chrome update will block ads and enhance battery performance

New Google Chrome update will block ads and enhance battery performanceGoogle Chrome has become the most demanding and efficient browser. The company has already introduced various measures to improve its performance. Now, Google has presented a new feature to Chrome which will help to avoid online ads from slowing down the browser. Chrome will also intervene with those that drain batteries or use too much data in addition to blocking ads. The recent changes are good news for desktop, laptop, and mobile users. There are massive numbers of online users using Google Chrome and they will experience that adverts no longer slow down their online experience as much, laptop, and mobile users will benefit from improved battery life. The company is looking to enhance the overall ad experience by discouraging advertisers from creating ads that use large, poorly compressed images and video, and perform CPU-intensive tasks.

Google has been working on this feature for more than a year. Chrome will now unload or effectively block an ad if it makes use of the main CPU thread for more than a minute in total. Ads will also be unloaded if the main thread is used for more than 15 seconds in a 30-second window, or if it uses more than 4MB of bandwidth. Point to be noted that the feature will be enabled by default after launching the feature. One can test it by visiting Google’s “Heavy Ad Intervention demo” page. You can check that the feature is enabled using these steps. Visit Chrome://flags > Search for heavy-ad > Use the drop-down menu next to enable-heavy-ad-intervention to select Enabled. Use the drop-down menu next to heavy-ad-privacy-mitigations to select Disabled > Restart Chrome.

It is noteworthy that Google has indicated its new Wi-Fi platform will make it easier for mobile operators to seamlessly offload traffic onto public wireless networks and enhance indoor coverage. Shopping centers and train stations have long recognized the importance of providing visitors with connectivity. It is an inability to access mobile data services and can cause frustration and discourage repeat visits. Moreover, indoor coverage can be a challenge for some mobile operators without the use of a low-level spectrum that can penetrate walls more effectively or without the use of small cells that provide high capacity bandwidth over a limited area. Your carrier can automatically and efficiently connect to the Wi-Fi with the Orion WiFi (a graduate from Google’s in-house ‘Area 120’ incubator).

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