New Cabin-Less Autonomous Dump Truck of Komatsu

New Cabin-Less Autonomous Dump Truck of KomatsuMost of the current self-driving vehicles have a steering wheel. It gives an option to the passengers in getting control in emergency conditions. The latest dump truck of Komatsu has a little difference, it doesn’t have any kind of cabin for human or driver to sit in and operate. The company has declared it as innovation of Komatsu for self-driving Haulage Vehicle. This autonomous dumper truck has 2,700 horsepower engine especially designed to improve the productivity by removing operator from vehicle. The company is looking to remove the three-point turn by manufacturing a vehicle and this vehicle doesn’t need a requirement to see where it is going.

It has been considered an odd practice to remove it, but it gives a lot of sense. The human drivers operate a vehicle by looking out using the front window. It normally wants to turn around once they arrive to a dump site to drop materials. The new autonomous Hauler doesn’t have this setback because it can just reverse vehicle without turning around. Its self-driving design has been considered more balanced compared to a normal dumper truck. The load will be equally distributed on its four-wheel chassis. The company has predicted that load balancing technique would provide more help to the new Hauler to negotiate unstable landscape. This new self-driving Haulage Vehicle was initially presented in Vegas, but Komatsu indicated that they are planning to present it in the market very soon.

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