New add-ons “Docs & Sheets” for mobile apps announced by Google

Google mobile Docs & Sheets appIf you ever think that you can do more work on your mobile, then it is the right time. Google has recently release a third-party add-on support for its Sheets & Docs Android app. It allows the office suite mobile version to perfectly integrate with various mass production tools. Users can start from today and they will be able to sign documents, create apps from spreadsheets, import CRM data and download the specific add-on. Do you need to be able to sign documents? If yes, then download the DocuSign Android app and create your documents for signatures using the interface of Google Docs.

If you want to add complicated explanatory notes in a document during travelling in train, then you can use EasyBib to perform your task. You can add ProsperWorks in order to import CRM data. You can generate mobile apps from data sheets by AppSheet and you can capture physical documents by your smart-phone camera using Scanbot. All these add-ons are providing a great productive way on your phone. But, these are not too many and you can find only nine compatible apps from Google’s Docs & Sheets add-on page of Google play list. Initially, these are not too much as compared to the handsome library available for desktop users. You can also check announcement post of Google and find more details.

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