Movies & TV app will be offered by Microsoft on Android and iOS

Microsoft may offer a Movies & TV appMicrosoft has been making sure that core apps like Edge and Launcher will be available on Android and iOS devices. So, you will be able to continue using the software and services of the company across platforms. Microsoft’s Movies & TV, which so far only works on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox and Windows 10 Mobile. But that could change very soon. A source within Microsoft says that it’s working on bringing that content store over to Android and iOS. The idea here is that if you bought movies or TV shows from the Microsoft store, you would then be able to retrieve those videos and play them on your mobile device. It would be freeing you from buying or renting those videos all over again. There’s no word on when this might be a reality, though Windows Central hints that it probably won’t be anytime soon.

Microsoft also said that the company is joining the Movies anywhere program, which is an app that lets you watch videos purchased from a variety of different stores (iTunes, Amazon, and Google just to name a few) all on one platform. Disney’s Movies Anywhere did drop the Microsoft store a year or so ago, but it could have a change of heart with its revamped digital locker. Having Movies & TV in the mix gives consumers more reason to purchase their videos from Microsoft versus other services. It has been considered the company’s own personnel agrees with the sentiment, we expect that this one will probably be a reality.

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