Microsoft Windows 7 Support will End on January 14

Microsoft Windows 7 Support will End on January 14Windows 7 users should keep in mind January 14, because the company has already announced to end its entire support for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020. It means that Microsoft will not provide updates or important security patches. So, you have just one year left considering shifting to Windows 10 or another alternative. It is noteworthy that mainstream support for Windows 7 was stopped in January 2015. But, the company continues its extended support to provide updates and fixes in the operating system for the next 5-years.

So, Microsoft will stop its entire support for Win 7 in January 2020. It means that if you discover critical issues, the company will not offer any patches, but you can continue using Windows 7 operating system at your own risk. It clearly indicates that Windows 10 adoption will increase during next year, as many of those who have stuck with Windows 7 are forced to migrate. Unless the diehard holdouts choose an alternative path such as one of the many flavors of Linux, or simply stick with unsupported Windows 7, a choice many Windows XP users made.

One set of figures that measures desktop operating system market share also indicated that Windows 7 has shown its popularity in many quarters and indeed Windows 10 just overtook the old OS. Windows 8 is next on the chopping block and extended support for that flavor of Windows will cease come January 2023. The Microsoft Store has already stopped accepting apps from developers for Windows 8/8.1.

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