Microsoft Whiteboard is now available with amazing features

Microsoft’s collaborative Whiteboard appThe Whiteboard app of Microsoft enables users to hook up on an intelligent work of art through their Windows 10 devices. The company has presented it for preview and it is now available for download. The Whiteboard of Microsoft enables users to draw, erase, and attach important notes similar to a physical whiteboard. But it is dissimilar to a conventional whiteboard because you will be able to type, add, and alter images with extending a significant amount of space to work. Microsoft’s Whiteboard has the ability to recognize and enhance the shape of images by making your work easier. A preview of Whiteboard was released last year by Microsoft. The company has indicated that at least 200,000 users also provided their feedback regarding the features of the app.

The Whiteboard of Microsoft can work with touch, a pen or a keyboard. Users will have the ability to collaborate on a board using their own devices from different locations. Avatars will show that who is working on the board and this work will be saved automatically to the Microsoft cloud. Interested people will be able to download the Whiteboard App from the Microsoft Store. They can also log in with a Microsoft or an Office 365 account. So, the users of Office 365 can collaborate with their tenants, but they will not be able to work with those of other tenants. Microsoft also indicated that the iOS devices will also get the Whiteboard app very soon. Other devices will also get access using its Whiteboard web client preview.

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