Microsoft Launched Final Version of Mixer App with more Features

Mixer app of MicrosoftThe final version of Refreshed and updated Mixer app of Microsoft is ready based on beta version. The company announced in the month of October that they are working on restructuring the live-streaming app in making it easier to find a latest and targeted gaming broadcasts. It has several efficient features including a modified Trending section, a featured streams carousel, and better filters, among others. The team has entirely pulled away existing underlying framework Mixer to rebuild it on a brand new code base. It means that available updates might be bug fixed and it should come faster than ever.

Credit goes to community feedback during the beta period, the latest version also comes with a host of other features, including push notifications, tap-and-hold video previews and enhanced stream page and player settings. The update may not bring it entirely up to speed with its main competitor Twitch, which has a new focus on the lucrative pro-streaming market. But, it does help position due to it as a serious contender in the field and certainly provides greater flexibility for new features in the near future. It will be available on Android and on iOS as soon as possible.

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