Microsoft has released an important security update to prevent WannaCry

Microsoft has released an important security update to prevent WannaCryMicrosoft has issued a warning to those still using its early operating systems including Windows XP and Windows 7. The company is driving them to update their systems with latest security patch to secure against a serious threat. Tech giant has found weakness in these earlier versions of its operating systems. The discovered weakness is similar in nature to the destructive WannaCry ransomware that swept around the world in May, 2017 and thousands of users affected from it. Microsoft has indicated that the vulnerability is wormable, which means no user interaction is needed for their system to be exploited.

The affected systems are capable of breeding the virus to other at-risk computers and networks around the world. The company has claimed that it hasn’t yet observed any exploitation of this vulnerability. But, it is highly likely that malicious actors will write an exploit for this vulnerability and incorporate it into their malware. The software giant has released fixes for Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Services vulnerability. It would allow wormable malware that spreads from computer to computer without requiring any user input.

There are download links to the appropriate updates found at the foot of this page for those still using any of the operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, or Windows XP. Some systems with Network Level Authentication have a partial defense, since they need credentials before the flaw is usable. There’s no guarantee that this will avert a crisis. Malware like WannaCry is designed to spread precisely due to companies and institutions are reluctant to update their systems and risk breaking important software.

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