Mercedes AR app provides important info to drivers

Mercedes AR appMercedes shouldn’t be considered new experiencing AR (augmented reality). The company has presented its latest innovation with AR technology at MWC 2018. The Vehicle Lens app is more attractive and it uses a smart-phone in providing you an AR view of a car or any vehicle. It shows massive information as you move around and point the camera at different portions of your ride. For example; if you move it in front of the wheels, you will find information about current air pressure in a tire. It has been considered more beneficial before taking a trip. The Vehicle Lens app has the ability to display engine information, such as mileage and coolant levels.

The app also provides info about remaining fuel and personal information about drivers. Mercedes is promoting the application for fleet owners and it might be an excellent tool for Semi truck drivers. But, it is questionable that why it doesn’t work with its consumer vehicles. The other great feature regarding Vehicle Lens is that it uses the gathered data in making recommendations. Mercedes has indicated that the company now has the ability in helping drivers to save more than 15% in fuel consumption. Point to be noted that Fleet-Board partners of Mercedes are already using Vehicle Lens. It is important that it might be considered a proof by the company that its latest AR project shouldn’t be considered an experiment.

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