Human Body Will be Used to Transfer Wireless Passwords: Researchers

Human Body Will be Used to Transfer Wireless Passwords: ResearchersTransferring data using wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi has become a comfortable option, but it is not secure as it should be. A report of January from Princeton indicated that some smart home devices accidently broadcast location information, although others don’t translate their data streams. To avoid the uncertainty of broadcasting information over the air, researchers have discovered a way by using human body as a conduit. Some researchers have used its magnetic field, but the researchers from the University of Washington have discovered a way by sending wireless signals using a touchpad or a handheld device in one hand and connecting with the other device on the other hand.

Their research paper indicated that this method was operated simply just like conducting static electricity. In this method, data will be wireless but it will be restricted to the human body by riding the low-frequency electromagnetic transmissions produced by a finger print sensor or touchpad of a device. This method has understandable applications for smart-home or car door locks. It has the ability to send secured information to wearable devices and can coordinate with the network of body sensors. The scientists were able to remodel touch interfaces for sending data at 50 bits per second on the touchpad of a laptop and from the fingerprint sensors at 25 bits per second. It would be speedier for sending password or numerical information using human body to a receiver in just few seconds. They have to achieve higher speed for transmitting more complex data.

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