A Hardware Platform for Real-Time AI built by Microsoft

A Hardware Platform for Real-Time AI built by MicrosoftYou need AI to work with info as it happens, in various scenarios. Most often, the virtual assistant wants to get response within few seconds and a smart security camera wants to forward an alert when strangers are still in its range of sight. Microsoft has recognized this situation. So, the company has recently announced its own hardware acceleration platform and named it “Project Brainwave”. This platform is promising speedy and real-time AI in the cloud. Microsoft has integrated new Stratix 10 FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip of Intel. It can grind a robust 39.5 teraflops in machine learning tasks with less than one millisecond of delay without having batch tasks together. It has the ability to manage received complicated AI tasks.

It has more flexibility compared to its hard-coded releases. It depends on a soft and dynamic neural network processing engine mounted into FPGA chips. It has the ability to handle Cognitive Toolkit (Microsoft’s own AI framework). It can also work with Tensor-Flow of Google and other systems. Microsoft has planned in making “Project Brainwave” available by its own Azure cloud services and most companies will be able to use live AI. There isn’t any guarantee that it will received wide adoption. But, it is sure that Microsoft doesn’t need to give up any ground to Facebook, Google and others that are involved in a big deal in delivering Internet AI.

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