A Grant of $5.5 Million for UMass Project from the Chan Zuckerberg

A Grant of $5.5 Million for UMass Project from the Chan ZuckerbergA grant of 5.5 million U.S dollars has received by the University of Massachusetts from a charity firm founded by a man behind the Facebook. His wife also discovered a way to search millions of scientific research articles. The above-mentioned grant was issued by the Chan Zuckerberg for starting of Center for Data Science “UMass”. It will create the Computable Knowledge project using the artificial intelligence. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have decided to take initiative for the project. Zuckerberg said that they are happy to partner with McCallum and his lab at the Center for Data Science at UMass Amherst on an AI research project. It has the ability in making faster breakthroughs in the major fight against disease.

It was also said that more than 1 million research papers are being published online every year regarding biomedicine. So, one new paper is being published after every 30 seconds. It is almost impossible for scientists to discover the entire scenario regarding their specific field. Now, the Computable Knowledge project will replace it, such as mobile map apps help in navigating the world. The major objective of this project is to create an efficient and intelligent map of scientific information. It will provide a significant amount of ease to scientists in navigating and exploring research with various levels of details. It will help them in understanding how new findings would fit within the massive scenarios of scientific knowledge. This tool will be available for free to access through Meta (a platform developed last year).

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