GPS and Smart Locks being used by Google to Secure Campus bikes

GPS and Smart Locks being used by Google to Secure Campus bikesGoogle is famous in presenting free bikes on campus offer and providing a significant amount of help to its employees. But, unfortunately, those bikes often don’t stay on campus. More than 250 go are mission per week and it might be ironic for the company that established its well-reputation on information finding. It has been found that the search giant is pushing technology in solving problems. Google has been offering GPS trackers with its bikes during the last week of 2017. These bikes have been testing smart locks and only specific employee will be able to open smart lock of its bike using smart phone. The social giant informed the Wall Street Journal that at least 3rd of its bikes have GPS trackers.

The company is offering insight into just how far the 2-wheelers will be able to travel. Many tend to stay around Mountain View. Some locals use them as community rides and others have been taken to Mexico and Alaska. The trackers and locks represent the ongoing loss of innocence of the social giant in various ways. Free-to-ride campus bikes might have sounded great in utopian of Google during early days, but there is a reality that people will routinely borrow or steal anything that isn’t nailed down. The company has the potential to lose its bikes. It doesn’t sound good to waste money and resources for the specific purpose of maintaining the tradition of a company.

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